I discovered the Next Up conference this morning by chance. It seems like an excellent way of helping to prepare legal IT professionals for the next stage in their careers -- moving from operational to leadership roles in the field.

I would guess that a similar event for legal knowledge folk would be equally valuable. I know from my own experience that moving from a PSL role to Head of KM was not straightforward. I had some internal support, but it would have been useful to know more about the future pitfalls from people who had actually made the same mistakes in the past.

It's even possible that the need is greater for KM. To a greater extent than legal IT, KM functions draw in people from a range of different areas -- practising lawyers, KM in other sectors, and so on. And often firms aren't sure what they need. (I covered some of these points in a recent blog post.)

If anyone is interested in collaborating on an event like this, please get in touch.